• Mercier Vintage 70′s

    It’ is  reasonably light and very flexible, a comfortable racing-bike. An all steel bike deserving of it’s reputation as great vintage classic rider. Equipped with 10 speed gears, chain wheel, white racing saddle. This vintage Mercier has cotterless cranks, Sun Tour derailers, mafac brakes and an explicitly pink colourline meant to captivate all eyes.

  • Velosolex 1970

    Velosolex 1970 vintage. One of these  French bicycles of very high quality. With aluminum rims with mild steel frames, steel rims and cottered cranks. Bicycles like this can make excellent general-purpose bikes, and their general ride comfort may make them worth the remaking.

  • Velosolex Ladies Roadster

    A wonderful velosolex Ladies Roadster. Single speed with  classic features. A must have for  a real vintage bicycle experience. This model refurbished and renewed from scratch.  It has turned into a real beauty, a nice-looking bike where everything works, lovely and smooth.

  • Velamos Rallye Chopper 70′s

    This is an awesome Velamos chopper bicycle, a wheelie bike, manufactured in the 1970s. A truly unique design and now a collector’s item painted in the original colourline.