• Hercules 1960′s

    Hercules 1960. A fully restored and revived Hercules vintage bicycle of the 60′s. Refurbished from scratch. We redesigned this bicycle with shimano deralleurs and gears to suit a sophisticated taste and modern riding style. A great unique bicycle to cruise around on!

  • Raleigh Custom

    Another project bike. This was a Raleigh Team Record saved from being parted out. The lines and style of this over 30 years old classic bicycle was perfect for a  modern conversion. The bike was planned to be rebuild as light as possible. The headset has been changed to a more trendy look. For the …

  • Mercier Vintage 70′s

    It’ is  reasonably light and very flexible, a comfortable racing-bike. An all steel bike deserving of it’s reputation as great vintage classic rider. Equipped with 10 speed gears, chain wheel, white racing saddle. This vintage Mercier has cotterless cranks, Sun Tour derailers, mafac brakes and an explicitly pink colourline meant to captivate all eyes.

  • Marinoni Custom Special

    Marinoni Custom made bicycle. In this project we aimed to build a bike around unique styling,  elegant based on a superior quality italian classic frame. The outcome has an  outstanding colourline and a genuine beauty. It is a big all road frame, with a prolonged top tube length.  Shimano Nexane rear derailleurs,  w/ handles, Campagnolo …