About Us

Re-cycle Project aspires to give life to old bicycles and independence to those who ride them. We divert bicycles from the waste stream, repair and totally renew them. There is a real passion in redesigning  affordable unique old style bicycles.

Usually we collect such bicycles in fair condition, cycle accessories and spare parts. They are serviced and refurbished by experienced hands. At a very reasonable cost, you can have a truly reliable refurbished vintage bike or renew your own old bicycle. Apart from our own selection of quality vintage bicycles, we can build one according to your specifications. Vintage, Modern or Retro, mostly simple and easy-riding, our bicycles merge timeless aesthetics with vintage stylish design and contemporary components.

Furthermore we accept unwanted bicycles and parts. We ll take any style, shape, or condition bicycle. If you have a bicycle that is going unused then we need it.

Over the last three years the people of Re-Cycle Project have refurbished and repaired a lot of vintage bicycles. We build uniquely distinct cycles designed for city riding. We also offer bicycle rentals for photo shoots, movies, commercials and shop window display.